Strategies designed by quants and AI engineers

Experience secure and easy advanced crypto trading with Infinity. Our platform offers 24/7 access to automated strategies, enabling you to manage and maintain control over your account.

why choose us

Why choose Infinity platform

Payments made easy

Effortless deposits with our user-friendly platform

Invest in either crypto or fiat currencies, and enjoy the flexibility to deposit and withdraw funds at any time.

Strictly compliant

Strictly Compliant

Our platform is regulated by international legal and regulatory standards and is recognized as an institutional trading company on exchange platforms.



Our platform is designed with advanced security measures to ensure the protection of your assets.

Control your investments

Control your investments

Our platform allows you to activate the bot or manually secure your positions according to your preference.

  • Backtest of crypto assets
  • Trend models
  • Drawdown parameters
  • Long/Short positions
  • Clustering
  • Cross Validation statistics

Infinity is ideal for investors who can withstand significant annual volatility and are willing to hold their capital for a medium to long term period in order to potentially achieve high long-term returns.

Our strategy

The success of our investment strategy is built upon a combination of a precise selection of cryptocurrencies, a carefully crafted trading strategy, and the application of machine learning techniques.

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Easy fiat or crypto depositMultiple choice of fiat or crypto currencies available
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You can secure your positions anytime by deactivating the bot
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At this time, our platform only offers withdrawals in cryptocurrency.Available 24/7
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30% Performance fees

Fees are collected on profits

No profits, no feesFees are applied to withdrawal transactions on a pro rata basis based on profits.Annual fees are calculated and collected on a pro rata basis based on profits.
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